The Silent Patient
The Silent Patient was a book I had heard about, and decided I needed to read because of all of the buzz.

Author Alex Michaelides takes readers on a psychologically compelling tale of a woman who is silent, and presently serving time in a hospital for killing her husband.
The writing drew me in, and it was hard for me to put down. I ended up finishing this the same day I started it because I just couldn’t put it down once I got into it.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Vol 1

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Vol 1: High School is Hell

This is the Buffy Summers you know, who wants what every average teenager wants: friends at her new school, decent grades, and to escape her imposed destiny as the next in a long line of vampire slayers tasked with defeating the forces of evil…only this time around, her world looks a lot more like the one outside your window. Eisner Award-Winner Jordie Bellaire (Redlands),

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Solace Island trilogy

Solace Island Trilogy

Meg Tilly’s Solace Island trilogy is a stunning set of thrillers sure to draw in anyone looking for a good summer read. And beyond.

Solace Island: Dumped on the eve of her wedding and looking for a quiet place to lick her emotional wounds, Maggie Harris joins her sister on Solace Island, where she hopes to recover from the stunning betrayal. At first, Maggie resists Eve’s impassioned argument about relocating permanently so the sisters can open their own local bakery.

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The Kitchen is something that has been on my radar for a while. However, when I finally read it, I felt like there was something missing. I was either looking for Tarantino or Brubaker, and I got something a little less.

I love the premise of women taking on the family business. I love the art and style of the book. It just fell a little flat.

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I adore L. Frank Baum’s Oz. I remember reading the books and seeing the movies. I loved The Dreamer Of Oz (the biography with John Ritter) and Return to Oz. So when I heard about Marvel doing these treatments, I loved the idea of it.

And reading this, I feel like it is totally worth the read. For comic fans, and those who haven’t read comics before.

And, most importantly,

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