How Did I Get Here?!?

gothamgirl::I Blame The Internet:: 1998 was the first time I was on the Internet unsupervised. It was my first day of college and my dorm room was connected to a superfast T3 line that was so fast, it was crazy. The late 90s were both a hotbed of amazing things and a time where we were trying to figure out what this World Wide Web really meant.

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Geek Watch One: We ARE the Geeks You're Looking For

The kind folks at Geek Watch One (We ARE the Geeks You’re Looking For) posted an article from me about Convention life–specifically the idea of grabbing ALL of a Con into one day.

Check out the link and then check out the current issue of one of the best podcasts out there (I could be biased, but seriously, this group knows what they’re talking about!).

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@GeekWatchOne: A New Look for GothamGal

The Geeks ALL of us are looking for have made an update to the logo–yes, that’s right… I’m an official correspondent for the coolest podcast that I never miss.
You don’t have to have an i-device to listen, but how do YOU listen to podcasts? Extra credit if you check out Geek Watch One and reply in the comments below.

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