The Libby Garrett Intervention (Science Squad #2)

Libby Garrett is smart, but she’s also being used. A friend of Avery Shaw, Libby has been spending more and time with Owen, the hunky college basketball player… To the detriment of her own happiness. Owen doesn’t just want to keep them low key, he wants to keep their arrangement (and their sexual relationship) to themselves, not even telling their respective best friends. But when Libby’s friends stage an intervention,

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SweetGirlbyRachelHollis After devouring Party Girl, I decided I had to seek out the next book in the series. Lucky me, Rachel Hollis’ Sweet Girl was available via the Kindle Owners Lending Library, so I didn’t have to break my resolution of not buying new books (to satisfy the Triple Dog Dare I’m doing). I cannot believe that I am able to get great books via this program–I recommend taking advantage of this program if you have a Kindle.

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I got this in 2015 as part of the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library and promptly forgot to read it. However, there was a book I was hoping to read and I noticed that I had Party Girl still borrowed. That propelled me to start it, and once I started it, I really enjoyed it!

Landon Brinkley wants to plan weddings. Since she saw the Jennifer Lopez movie of the same name,

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I am always on the lookout for something similar to what I have previously enjoyed. I  am also always looking for a deal, so when the Kindle Owners Lending Library said ‘here’s a book like Gone Girl,’ I decided I wanted to borrow it.

Sarah McDonald writes children’s books and lives on a very closely knit street. When her neighbors return home early, she doesn’t think much of it.

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Every Monday (or nearly every Monday), I answer Sheila’s question about what I am reading. Right now, it’s a book from the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library (yes, there are FREE books you can borrow for a month from Amazon, right from your Kindle!).

And, because I seem to be obsessed with this author lately, it should come as no surprise (I’ve read 3 already from her this year):


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