I haven’t been gaming in person since April. And I finished a campaign of the Star Wars edge of Empire series. Thankfully it is over, and now we can focus on other games.

It was my first time dm’ing. I don’t know that I was great, but people seemed to like it. With this game, we don’t use maps or miniatures, so our table is full of dice. The bomb Star Wars dice in the picture above are the dice I was using to explain placement.

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Weekly Wednesday

Welcome! It’s Wednesday, and I want to share the things that I cannot stop thinking about this week!

We have a Mobile Harry Potter Game!!! I hope this is exactly what I had hoped it would be.

Called ‘Hitchcockian’, The Elizas is by the author of the Pretty Little Liars series–I cannot put this down in my free time. I am interested–and I cannot wait to see what the hook is.

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Dysentery, Or How I learned to love the Oregon Trail Card Game

Growing up, our computers were representative of the time (read: mid 80s to early 90s). Our computer games were also representative of that time. We had lemonade stand and we had Oregon Trail. Lemonade Stand was a math game where you sold lemonade. Oregon Trail was a game where you went on the historic Oregon Trail in the same time period as the epic migration.

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I was hooked on SuperFight the first time I saw them at WonderCon (2014), and I ended up getting a special deck from Loot Crate. So I was stoked to pick up some decks around the holidays. I feel like SuperFight is a little more family-friendly than other card games, and also brings up the usual ‘stand in line and talking about vs’ that I have always found the really cool people do.

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