So sometimes in the course of doing what I do, I make some crazy movements or move my hair and my AirPod flies out. Never to be seen again, right?

Nope. Now I just have to go to the ‘Find My’ app and select which bud is missing and it will play a loud noise. It even sends you an email as a security precaution. It’s pretty amazing.

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My New Phone

iPhone 11 Pro Green Hero Shot

I’ve accepted my fate, albeit with a slight grudge.
Years ago, I got an iPhone 6s–my first iPhone.
It was pretty and pink and pretty cheap. AT&T assured me that it was a great deal and I’d like it (also they had no phones with replaceable batteries or memory slots at the time, so it was limited).
Everything was great. I loved the crap out of the phone.

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I haven’t been gaming in person since April. And I finished a campaign of the Star Wars edge of Empire series. Thankfully it is over, and now we can focus on other games.

It was my first time dm’ing. I don’t know that I was great, but people seemed to like it. With this game, we don’t use maps or miniatures, so our table is full of dice. The bomb Star Wars dice in the picture above are the dice I was using to explain placement.

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A while back, we took advantage of an offer for DC Universe. And I feel like I’ve watched a few things but have yet to really talk about any of them.

After one or two false starts, I finally started and watched four episodes of their ‘flagship’ series.

Titans is the story of how the Teen Titans come together. Dixon Grayson (Robin) meets up with a young girl named Rachel (Robin).

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