I am choosing to spend this Monday going through a few different things that I have received and mailed out lately… Check it out, and share your mailbox monday below.

Postcard from Kristy (LEP)
Letter from Randi (IGGPPC)
Pirate Swap (LEP)


Charmaigne (RAK) LEP
Zara (RAK) LEP
Julie (RAK) LEP
Julie (RAK) LEP
Helen (RAK) LEP
Kirby (RAK) LEP
Dawn &

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I am working to show more of my happy mail to you. So you can see how much fun I have with mail and you can get enticed to try it for yourself. 🙂
The Moose card is from an LEP swap about summer plans. The letter below, on map paper, is from an LEP member. We started exchanging based on a swap and now answering this letter will be our third letter writing cycle.

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