How to Review Books without a Blog

When many people think of starting book reviews, they get nervous thinking about all of the things they will need in order to set themselves up as ‘legitimate’ book reviewers. I’m here to tell you that the myth of legitimacy as it relates to book reviews, is more of a glass ceiling concept that you don’t have to pay attention to when you are starting out. So don’t!

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A Better 2020 **Masterclass All Access Pass giveaway**

This past year, I’ve let the word ‘create’ be invited into my life. While it may have been a little stressful, I gave myself permission to continue to create and learn methods of creating that helped a LOT. I also wrote my 14th NaNoWriMo novel. That being said, I am looking to the future, and as such, I’ve signed up with–it’s a site that has professionals in all types of occupations teach you about the things they are good at!

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My New Phone

iPhone 11 Pro Green Hero Shot

I’ve accepted my fate, albeit with a slight grudge.
Years ago, I got an iPhone 6s–my first iPhone.
It was pretty and pink and pretty cheap. AT&T assured me that it was a great deal and I’d like it (also they had no phones with replaceable batteries or memory slots at the time, so it was limited).
Everything was great. I loved the crap out of the phone.

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