I was cleaning my laptop recently and noticed that there was a slight rip in my old keyboard cover (the one that matched my computer clamshell cover).

They are pretty cheap, and made of silicone, so lasting for about two years is surprising with as much as I use my computer (my laptop is my main computer). So I made the decision to get a functional one—one that contains all the shortcuts! It is SO much nicer to type with this.

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Welcoming the Echo Dot

I kept pondering the value of the small, round object that fit in the palm of my hand. Could something this small add value to our current life? And what were the costs of the device, apart from the price tag? Thanks to Amazon Prime day, I snapped up this little disc, and cannot believe the positive changes I’ve experienced in just 24 hours.
The Echo Dot is made by Amazon and while it works with the taller,

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AlwaysReiding_Pop Vinyl

Pop Vinyl: The Dark Side of Pop Culture

It’s time to talk about a dark side of fandom and collecting–Funko’s Pop Vinyl. They’re cute little vinyl dolls you see in any major store (and now they are even EXCLUSIVE, depending on the store) and feature some of pop culture’s darlings. They also have subscription boxes and exclusive tie-ins with products.

One of the first Pop Vinyls I ever saw was this one:


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Recently, multiple people have been asking me about how I keep track of my penpalling adventures. So, I am sharing this with the world, at least those who read my blog.


I bought this file folder box from Staples. It was just around $10. It has small channels on the sides that fit standard, hanging file folders. It is AWESOME.
I was able to pick up some hanging folders for cheap on Amazon,

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I am choosing to spend this Monday going through a few different things that I have received and mailed out lately… Check it out, and share your mailbox monday below.

postcard from Melissa(LEP)
letter from Elizabeth (LEP)


Jemma (intro) – LEP/IGGPPC


Mimi (reply) – LEP
Deborah-Anne (reply) – LEP
Katie (swap for pressed pennies) –

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Wow! I just had one of the coolest mail days of my life. Here are the books I got today. The one on the bottom, was provided by the publisher (they emailed me asking for a review, I said send me a copy—and they did!). The top one, well that was a buy all for me. I saw they were out of stock on Amazon, but then I needed to pick it up—and I snagged a copy.

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