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Disneyland’s EggStravaganza 2016

Disneyland’s EggStravaganza 2016: When I was a kid, there was a special time of year that the Magic of Disneyland really delivered–Easter time. Easter meant a Thumper-themed Easter Egg hunt, where you could win anything from popcorn to a park ticket. Luckily, I won a sweatshirt and a large stuffed animal (due to my parent’s letting my friend and I get whatever the other won).

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One of the crafty, inky things that helps my life is One Little Word. Spearheaded by Ali Edwards, OLW challenges you to live an intentional life, with a specific word that you focus on. This year, my word is:

One Little Word 2016

Now, I don’t mean fierce in the way of a creature, rather a fierceness of heartfelt and powerful intensity. My fierceness is also a reminder to me to stay true to myself and fiercely be me…that I could be courageous and me all together,

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I was over the moon to hear about Find Your Voice because it is a FREE six-week creative storytelling workshop.

STORYTELLING is an essential part to any story, and I am working on trying to share my own. There are so many factors that deal with us, day to day, NOT sharing our story.

Join me, and sign up for Find Your Voice today. You will not regret it!

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