::Around the Web:: Summer 2017

I just wanted to drop in and talk about some of the awesome things I’m thinking and seeing and hearing about on the Web right now. Hope you enjoy this!

#Husband and I got to go to an escape room with another couple that we hadn’t seen in FOREVER (okay, maybe a year). It was so much fun!

I heard this song twice before I found out it was an Ed Sheeran song.

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Pinterest, it is one of those love/hate kind of sites. I love all of the stuff it offers, but sometimes it can be such a timesuck. So, without further ado, I’m sharing some of the things that I’ve loved to see this week, that I’ve found recently helpful.

Owl Bookmarks, for free. 3 sheets of beautiful and amazing owl bookmarks. I adore them so much.

I am in love and want to try these brochure letters for my next penpal letter!

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review from the publisher.

Oh, Africa! takes readers to places they’ve never been–on the sets of 1920s New York-based films and halfway across the world to the mysterious and exciting ‘dark continent’ and showcases characters to perfection.

Twins Micah and Izzy have been making pictures for years–it’s a perfect match, as Micah gets to call the shots as director and Izzy gets to frame the shots as the cameraman.

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Just let that word and feeling seep into your mind.


It’s the time for long days at the library. The time for sitting outside on a chaise lounge and lazily passing a day immersed in a whole ‘nother world.

It’s the time for Summer READING programs.
Yes, this is probably one of my favorite times of year. Can I go back into a time machine and get back to those days?

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