AlwaysReiding_Winning the Holiday Putluck with the Pioneer Woman

Winning the Holiday Potluck with the Pioneer Woman

It’s the time of the year when you can be sure of one thing–working in a corporate environment means potluck meals! Since I’m a huge fan of something easy, I sometimes look to my favorite chefs and cookbooks to assist in this trying time–I was able to take a dish I’d read about (and fell in love with at home) on the Pioneer Woman’s website and make it potluck friendly.

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Thanks for you!

Thank you for reading and following and doing all the things you do. It would be extremely hard for me to do this without your support. It’s been a ‘long’ weekend, but not long enough. It was great to recharge with family, friends and most importantly, me. Above is just a taste of what my Thanksgiving break looked like, and it is back to work tomorrow.

What did YOUR Thanksgiving look like?

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In our house, both of us commute. So there are times where we just order out versus actually making an effort and making something at home. This is costly, and can take an insane amount of time. At the same time, my husband doesn’t have a lot of experience in the kitchen. Luckily we were able to find a new recipe, easy to make that we don’t have to ‘think’ about.

sesame_noodles_reeSIMPLE SESAME NOODLES

Ree (better known as the Pioneer Woman) has shared an amazing and simple recipe that tastes WONDERFUL!

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AlwaysReiding_defending yourself as a readerDefending Yourself as a Reader

All of my life, I have heard that I read too much. That I spent entire vacations with my face in a book versus seeing the location. I have heard people who don’t get it, so called ‘readers’ tell me to butt out of conversations by going to read a book. People have even tried to bribe me with books. While some of it may be good natured,

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Format Matters: Ebook Vs Physical Book

040810_1333_TimeGoesBy1.jpgI’m going to be a bit revolutionary today.

To some readers, format matters. I’ve seen ebook only readers, and I’ve seen physical book only readers… People, we shouldn’t be fighting over this! We’re readers, we enjoy things that most of the population can only hope to enjoy–yes, that’s true. However, when you’re judging me for carrying one e-reader versus eight books in my bag,

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