Despite seeing Ian Ziering and Robin Thicke (and telling Ian he rocked, mortifyingly so) at California Adventure, I have not been able to get this out of my head…

It relates, no I am not writing Tom Hanks fanfiction, but I think this is going to be on the soundtrack to a new project I’m working on.

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Hello and welcome to my Month of letters. In the month of February, I was not sure if I could do a letter a day with my schedule, so I compromised by committing to writing at least 28 letters—and can I just say that I met that goal, and then some?

With the help of my trusty clipboard, I have written 32 notes—some are long letters,

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We are currently prepping for the formal event, and tonight my husband got fitted for his custom kilt!



This is the inside of my husband’s new kilt. His mom added the Star Wars fabric and has been working on this for a month! Lots of hand work. And she has done ALL of this by herself.

DSC_2298And here’s a shot of him trying it on.

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I have a feeling many of you feel exactly as I do, there isn’t enough time to do everything, and your schedule tends to end up at the bottom of the list—the list that NEVER gets to the end. Enter a really amazing book, The Fringe Hours, which launches today. Welcome to the blog of one of the members of the Launch team!

Having it all. Women spend years of their lives in the pursuit of this myth.

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I was moved to tears today. All because of one fact, that I had already heard…


This is Nola. She is a North African White Rhino.

She is definitely special, but the reason I am writing today is because she is one of only 5 left in the world. Why? Because of poaching. In the region of the world she is from, hunters will slaughter these animals for their horns—due to the ‘medicinal’ properties (and as aphrodesiacs).

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Since it is that day of all days, I figured I would go through some of the things we readers love as gifts.

1. Time, in a bookstore or somewhere books are sold. Never underestimate the power of saying ‘get whatever you want’ or even ‘Isn’t there a book you wanted?’

2. Bookstore gift cards. ‘Nuff said.

3. eReader. Some readers will NOT like this, so you should know your reader well before making this decision for them.

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