Wow! I actually did it. I went to the movies to see a movie! It’s been a while, I think the last movie we did see was the last part of the Hobbit trilogy. I used to go to the movies a lot more. However, I have found that when you’re a house of two and going to movies with others or just each other, scheduling can become a nightmare.

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True Story: I once wrote an imagined sequel story to Heidi, featuring Heidi and Peter’s friend, Nicole. Peter was sort of in love with Nicole.

Yep, I wrote fan fiction at six.

The literary world is a twitter about the Harper Lee sequel.

Bustle has an amazing article about sequels they’d like to see. Check it out by clicking here.

As a lover of many of the books on the list,

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gothamgirlIf you read my blog with any regularity, you will have seen the posts this last week, but you may not know that I was not exactly in the home office this week—I was travelling.

To the island of Kauai (Hawaii).

I got to check out the bar in which they filmed a scene from the book The Decendents  which is based on a book I really like.

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