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  • I was stoked to get my @tokyopengirl order today. It included a #zigcleancolordot marker in a new to me color, some #zebraclickart pens (bold/dark colors) and the last of the #zebramildlinerbrush pens to round out my collection. Order shipped lightning fast and was even packed with a #hichew. The quality of these are blowing me away—I think I have a new favorite go-to marker for journaling in the clickarts. The other point on the brushtip is #superfine, which I love for my planner and making notes throughout my day. There isn’t any bleed on my paper or #postitnotes.
  • Special thanks to Ashley from @littlebrown. I was lucky enough to win an awesome little prize package, including this awesome book from @lucyrtan, a lovely candle, and some awesome pearl earrings. I’ve been wanting to read ‘What We Were Promised’ for a while. This is the perfect way to do it!
  • Still with the sinus infection, I was able to read this in one sitting with the medicine coursing through my veins. I loved the first book, and this is a respectable sequel. Cannot wait for more! Also, we got our confirmation for Disney+ because you know I’m down for the programming!
  • Happy book birthday to #BlackSpire, #pumpkinheads and #beneaththeattic. To be honest, I forgot I preordered the attic book, and after the #casteelfamilymovieseriesevent on #lifetime over the last five weeks, this book is the one I am least looking forward to. What did you get on book birthday this week?
  • The books on the left are the books I got from #bookhaul and the Jenny Han boxset was a surprise from a bookswap group. I used some gift cards I had for the Wilder Girls and the Bookish Life of Nina Hill. I cannot wait to figure out what my blind date with a book from @barnesandnoble. I am SO STOKED they are finally doing these at my local store!
  • At some point, I will be completely done with this series. I’m certain the Los Angeles public library will wonder why circulation went down because there is never anyone waiting for these. Also, we need a new #JessicaFletcher for the modern world.
  • I feel like space travel is probably best served with a helmet, a towel, and a feather boa. If you’re still using antiquated methods of payment, be sure to take your holographic wallet.
  • I participated in a #bookswap in a group I am in. I got some amazing things from my partner. Two books in the awesome #charlotteholmesseries and a #jimhensonfunko. #books #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #genderswapsherlock #tradepaperbacks #surprisebooks #happymail #therainbowconnection