November NaNoWriMo 2016 update


I finished. This was my second year using Scrivener and I was able to compile my daily tracking sheet (thank you Nano template) and hit just over 50,000 words (50,376 officially, but who is counting?). This software program has been amazing and totally part of my success. It makes me accountable and has the closest word count to actual count ratio I’ve seen in a while.

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Brain Freezes, we’ve all had them. And they’re NOT fun at all. However, the great folks at Potter Style (a division of Crown Publishing/Penguin Random House) have created a fun little journal dedicated to sweetening the most scary of all ice cream feelings.

The Brain Freeze journal is a great book that is compact, and the pages are sandwiched between a material akin to a nice lovely cookie that helps MAKE an ice cream sandwich!

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Disneyland's EggStravaganza 2016 -

Disneyland’s EggStravaganza 2016

Disneyland’s EggStravaganza 2016: When I was a kid, there was a special time of year that the Magic of Disneyland really delivered–Easter time. Easter meant a Thumper-themed Easter Egg hunt, where you could win anything from popcorn to a park ticket. Luckily, I won a sweatshirt and a large stuffed animal (due to my parent’s letting my friend and I get whatever the other won).

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