One of the crafty, inky things that helps my life is One Little Word. Spearheaded by Ali Edwards, OLW challenges you to live an intentional life, with a specific word that you focus on. This year, my word is:

One Little Word 2016

Now, I don’t mean fierce in the way of a creature, rather a fierceness of heartfelt and powerful intensity. My fierceness is also a reminder to me to stay true to myself and fiercely be me…that I could be courageous and me all together,

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I got my first order from and, wow, it is not disappointing.

I picked up a Clairefontaine notebook, it is softcover to my preferred hardcover moleskin with, but I am looking forward to trying it, if only for the paper I have heard amazing things about.

I got some jelly roll pens, not sure if for crafty endeavors or just for some fun, time will tell.

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Pilot_2015_AlwaysReidingI MAY have treated myself to an early Christmas present–can’t have those callouses from my Lamy Safari any longer.

And what they say IS true–the second is just as cheap as the first. And better in the long run.

Maybe they say that about cats or maybe they say that about kids, but I’m saying it about a fountain pen. And this Pilot Metropolitan is LOVELY. The whole line is nice,

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Always Reiding - NaNoWriMo statsThis weekend was not a fun weekend. While we were planning on some board gaming with friends, I was in bed until 5 pm on Saturday, so gaming was cancelled. I came out of bed for soup, and then went back to bed.

Sunday morning was a little of the same, this time I didn’t only use my sinus spray, but a saline spray and some painkillers. And, suffice to say that while I feel a little headache,

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31 Days of Awesome

Happy Monday!

Yes, that’s right, it is MONDAY. The day we MOURN all the fun we had over the weekend.

Okay, actually, back to the awesome.
I made soup-ish stuff that tasted great and the husband immediately snapped up for the workweek.
I’ve been experimenting with the Naked on the Run palette and trying to make some awesome looks. It is great so far.

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