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Cherry Cheesecake Murder (Hannah Swenson #8)


Review:: Cherry Cheesecake Murder by Joanne Fluke (Hannah Swenson #8)

Hollywood comes to Lake Eden and Hannah’s creations are ready for their closeup!

When a production company comes to Lake Eden, Hannah is initially worried that her business closing will mean even worse news for her bottom line, but when two persons she went to college with are part of the cast/crew, she knows that she is in good hands. As part of the production, Ross assures Hannah of business AND of a small break. As part of the cast, Lynn talks to Hannah about her life AND inadvertently help her in the case when the director of the movie is murdered in front of a whole group of people. Hannah must negotiate between the positives for the town and the negatives, treading lightly to figure out who is responsible for the murder–before she is the next target.

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Who would read this: Fans of the series, cozy mystery fans, someone who wants to read a strong heroine and also have some yummy recipes, those who have seen the movies. This particular book was created as a film, too!
Time to Read: 3.0 hours
Rating: 3.0/5 stars
Funny Story: This book sort of reminds me of a Murder, She Wrote book wherein a movie production company comes to town.
Final thoughts:  These books are quick reads and I think I might read them for the recipes. However, there’s usually little plot in a cookbook. I am almost halfway into the series, and I think I am staying.

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