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::Christmas Trees on Parade 2017::

AlwaysReiding_Christmas Trees on Parade

It’s that time of the year again. It’s CHRISTMAS. Which always feels like there is something special in the air, and there’s a spirit of community that warms all of our hearts. This is also the time of year when Terri Steffes (of the blog Christmas Tree Lane) hosts a parade of trees within blogger’s homes. It IS the most wonderful time of the year, for sure. Once you get a look at my blog, please visit a few of the other trees on parade and be inspired by their awesomeness–AND with their helpful hints you can use decorating your own tree. It’s a win-win, for sure!

As most of you may or may not know, we are in flux currently. We are in temporary housing while most of our stuff (including holiday decorations) is in a storage facility. It’s crazy, but we decided the spirit of Christmas was not going to be deterred by this. So, we made an estimation of how much space we had and what we could do with it. My point being that, you don’t have to have a huge amount of space to have a meaningful Christmas. Christmas is a feeling, this is something I’ve had to remind myself of with our beloved decorations in the storage unit.

Luckily, I looked to Target and I was able to get most of what we needed, because Target. I mean, when has the bullseye steered me wrong? The weekend before Thanksgiving, the trees and decorations were on sale. While part of me was nervous that it was too early, I realized getting a 3 foot lit tree that was perfect for the location was too good a deal to pass up. And the ornaments were super cute! There are a ton of color options, including brights and metallics–I have never seen more options for the smaller trees.







I was beyond excited to set it up–first, because it’s small, it is easy for me to move the box around, open it up and get everything set up. As I am not the giant my husband is, we needed something small and possibly portable. Because we also have cats. I know there are awesome stories out there about cats and Christmas trees. While our real trees in the past have been a problem, the 7 foot tree we got last year was free of this problem. However, there’s always a chance with a new tree (and new shiny) that something could happen. I give you exhibit A:
Knowing that we had a small space, and very few options for placing securely in a place where the cats would not attack it, I made an executive decision to set it up a few days before the main event, as a test. Being the curious cats they are, Dottie and Phoebe helped me. I’ve gotten some good pictures below of the process. To the left is the location, on top of the cart in the kitchen where they their dry food is kept. This is a high traffic area, but I had an idea that they would be too busy eating to pay much attention to the top of the cart, with the aforementioned shiny objects. To the right is a picture of Dottie (in the box) and Phoebe (debating on getting  in the box) that made me question the whole thing–after all, if they were that interested in the box, they would probably be interested in the tree, right?





If you have pets, be sure to set up any holiday decorations in steps. Introducing them gradually in locations where they may not be bothered is less stressful for your pet and your decorations.

I made quick work of the bulbs. And with the final light touches, it’s pretty and a little calm. It’s right next to the dining room table as a good reminder of the season, but it’s also in a place where the cats are NOT going–I consider this a win, as they have a run of the whole house. And then some. I took down the painting behind the tree, but then added it again, as I had no good place to store the painting. While we got the pastel and the sparkly ornaments, I think Target’s bulbs are great for all sorts of combinations. I could see mixing the sparkly with the bright or metallics.










I really enjoyed the way the ornaments looked in macro. And you get a look of the really awesome table runner my Mother in Law made for us a few years ago and it’s perfectly sized for the tray that the tree is on! Everything rolled into place, thanks to being a little less stressed on making the perfect Christmas as I’ve done in previous years.

I did also add a few other items from Target’s dollar spot (and another ornament that I’m saving for the tree next year). It’s a fun, seasonal scene and the cats, while interested, are not moving it. This is, again, a win-win.

What does your tree look like? Be sure to join us by clicking on the link below and sign up for our parade of trees. And,

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