Cinnamon Roll Murder: A Hannah Swenson Mystery by Joanne Fluke

It’s the end of winter in Minnesota. And Lake Eden is abuzz with a Jazz Festival. Hannah has been tasked to make some cinnamon rolls for a locally known jazz band (named the Cinnamon Roll Six) and is excited to visit the Inn where they’ll be staying. However, on their way out to the Inn, Hannah and her sister Michelle encounter a huge accident, and one of the band is injured (as their bus driver is also dead).

Hannah and her sister follow the band to the hospital and hand out snacks and drinks to those who had been in the large, multicar accident. The keyboardist who had been minorly injured in the crash ends up dead. Hannah is tasked with finding a killer AND trying to get to know more about what’s been making her friend, Norman, act differently lately…A woman! Will things in her personal and professional life impact her ability to solve a crime, or will she be able to find the killer and put them on ice before they have a chance to flee?

Who would read this: Fans of the series (even the tv movie series) or those who enjoy dessert recipes.

Time to Read: 4 hours
Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Funny Story: THe name of the jazz group is a little weird, but otherwise all is good.

Final thoughts: I liked this one a lot more than i thought i would.

Author: gothamgal

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