I’m always into reading new fiction by celebrated authors. And, when I can get a book that’s perfect for the season, it is even better. Enter Summer House with Swimming Pool by Herman Koch. Thanks to Crown Publishing and its imprint, Hogarth for the opportunity to get a copy of the paperback in exchange for my honest review.

Marc Schlosser is a doctor, and he’s being called into question as the doctor of the internationally-known actor, Ralph Meier. Is there something sinister to Meier’s death? Schlosser’s mind drifts back to the previous year, when Meier and Schlosser met and brought their families together at Meier’s rented summer house with a swimming pool. However, as the families relate to one another in close quarters, there are lines that are crossed—and with Schlosser flirting with more than just an idea of an affair, is he motivated enough to kill his friend/patient?

I was surprised by how good and accessible Herman Koch’s writing turned out to be. I had seen many of his books on shelves throughout my bookselling tenure (and whenever I was a customer, too) and felt like it would be a book I would have to devote my entire attention, and a dictionary, to. However, within a few pages, I found myself devouring the book. One third of it in the course of an hour! The story flowed well, and I became easily entrenched in their lives.

I enjoyed Schlosser’s character, despite NOT wanting to like him. We’re taught that doctors are above most, morally, due to the Hippocratic Oath. And flaws make characters more interesting. So Schlosser, in all his glory, was intriguing to me.

While this weighs in at 387 pages, it also includes more pages with a readers guide and supplementary material that adds to the entire processing experience. It was originally released in hardcover on June 3, 2014, but made it to paperback on April 28, 2015. It is also available in ebook, audio book and MP3/CD format. And I recommend you pick up this, or one of Koch’s other novels today—I think everyone should

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