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Cobalt Squadron

Cobalt Squadron

Cobalt Squadron is a book supplimentary to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Featuring a bright cast of characters new and old, the story focuses on Rose Tico and her sister Paige. Rose is new to this Rebellion thing, but she’s lucky she can fly with her sister. In addition to the history they share (having grown up on the same planet and in the same household), the two share a similar medallion. Rose likes to hold it when Space or dealing with the Rebellion grows to be too much to handle.

Rose and Paige are approached by two people who state that they need to save their world from the First Order, and General Organa asks the women to perform reconnaisance work, to both find out if the strangers are telling the truth, as well as whether or not there’s a way to help out the planet. But, will their help be enough?

I really wanted to love this book, but it took quite a while to get into it. When I finally picked it up again in the new year, I was finally able to finish it with some dedicated reading. I’m happy I read it once I’d seen the Last Jedi, but I felt like we didn’t learn a lot more about Rose and Paige that hadn’t been in the movie. I feel like this focused more on the ship and establishing Rose as tech savvy and not likely to do much on her own without her sister. This is skippable, but if you like to know about planes and other planets, you might pick this up.

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