I have made a point to spend more time this year creating. And more time SHARING what I do… That’s where the blog comes in, I guess. I already talked about Lightburst Media’s new Sci-Fi Adult Coloring book when it released this week, but I just wanted to show a few pictures within the coloring book. While I was provided a copy of the book for review, the opinions are my own.

While I love coloring books, and things like Star Wars and Star Trek, I have a fear of space. Mostly, space without established survival parameters. So things like being sucked out into a vacuum (a la Airplane 2) or coming across an alien who wants to kidnap me are not really things I like to think about (I blame the X-Files for that latter phobia). But when I heard about a new adult coloring book with themes like that, I decided I wanted to try it out, if only to show myself that I COULD color in unfamiliar themes and feel a bit better about said themes.

Mission: Accomplished.

Within these pages, 39 images are presented that run the gamut from classic sci-fi to new, steampunk-esque designs. This book is only limited by your creativity. I was able to use prismacolor pencils (and their associated blender) along with my Wink of Stella glitter pen, Frixion erasable markers and Kuretake Zig Clean Color markers.

AlwaysReiding_SpaceDreams1 AlwaysReiding_SpaceDreams2 AlwaysReiding_SpaceDreams3

Here’s a video of the book, itself:

I really liked this coloring book, a lot more than I anticipated. I think you’ll love it even more. Be sure to check out @LightburstMedia on Twitter, Instagram and their Facebook page!

This is going great with doing the Daily Marker’s 30 day coloring Challenge. Be sure to follow my progress on the challenge via Instagram.

Challenges: Space Dreams, a Sci-Fi Adult Coloring Book satisfies the following challenges:

LEP Reading Challenge: 44. A book with no words

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