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Dark Crystal Creation Myths Vol 1-3


Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal Creation Myths Vol 1-3

Fans of Henson’s epic have often wondered about the world created within Jim Henson’s fantasy. Within the three volumes of Creation Myths the people behind the movie (and Brian Froud) tell of the world, its creation AND the stories behind the creation of the people who populate the mysterious world.

Aughra is known as the mysterious watcher in the observatory for fans who have seen the movie. However, while reading this series, readers learn that her story is much more than that. Aughra was the first. It was she who became the mother of the planet, tending to the plants and various peoples after they were created. Aughra’s son also talks about the way he sees some of the issues, and his observations when alien life DOES come to visit the planet.

I really enjoyed this series, and that’s coming from someone who had put it off for a long time, citing it probably being too dark. This really filled in some holes from the movie and answered questions that I (and any viewer) have asked. It was totally worth the read, and had some great information from the minds behind the original movie.

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