Dead by Sunset by Ann Rule

Ann Rule is pretty much the top of the barrel when it comes to true crime. I was excited to finally read this book, however it took much longer than anticipated.
Cheryl is married to Brad Cunningham. The two have three amazing young sons and while they are very combatant, each tries to do their best to leave the children out of their fights and acrimonious divorce. Sara, Brad’s girlfriend, tries to do what she can, but ends up doing much of the financial work of the relationship while Brad is an entrepreneur/stay at home dad once he loses his executive-level job at a bank.
When Cheryl shows up dead in a vehicle rolling into traffic, no one is certain who may have killed her, but anyone who knew Cheryl and spoke with her in the last few weeks of her life knows Brad is behind it. That’s anyone who Brad isn’t lying to. However, when more information comes to light, causing Brad to go underground, the only real victims seem to be his children and those who loved Cheryl… And there’s one lawyer who doggedly attempts to find Brad and take him to court.

I enjoyed this much more than I anticipated, however it took a REALLY long time to read it. Mostly because the information was so heavy and I wanted to make sure I did not miss anything.

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