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Defending Yourself as a Reader

AlwaysReiding_defending yourself as a readerDefending Yourself as a Reader

All of my life, I have heard that I read too much. That I spent entire vacations with my face in a book versus seeing the location. I have heard people who don’t get it, so called ‘readers’ tell me to butt out of conversations by going to read a book. People have even tried to bribe me with books. While some of it may be good natured, years of hearing this can have a negative impact. So, today, I want to give you some tips on defending yourself as a reader.

  • Reading is taught early on for a reason: One of the most critical skills for a child to learn. There is an emphasis for a reason, because being able to read means you can survive in the world. You are able to read street signs, read directions for that Ikea furniture you just bought or understand that note someone left you.
  • Reading is an activity you can do nearly anywhere, with anyone (or no one): It is a fun activity for all ages to take part in, or the ultimate activity for someone who is by themselves. There is no ‘minimum players’ required for this, and that’s powerful, especially in this day of age. Pick up that cellphone you’re glued to and open up a digital book at the very least.
  • Reading is what you enjoy–so DO it! Seriously, are we at the point where we must defend our loves and interests? Society may be lost as we have to do that, but remember, if you get that involved in a book, you might not hear the haters so much…

Life is short, do what you want. And, if what you want to do is reading, you’re in the right place!

AlwaysReiding_defending yourself as a reader

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