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Deliver Her by Patricia Perry Donovan

deliver her

Meg Carmody finds drugs in a pillow after leaving her daughter home… While it may have been one of the people AT the party her daughter threw, Meg doesn’t want to take chances–Alex is not the child she was a year ago. This was before her sweet sixteen party, when Alex’s best friend Cass is killed and Alex survives a car ride. Alex won’t talk to therapists and just immerses herself in non-Alex activities like partying.
Meg signs up her daughter for The Birches, a private school with a lot of supervision that helps troubled teens. Her estranged husband is NOT on board with the idea, so Meg waits until he is on a job and she hires a team that transports teens to centers like the Birches. Only Alex doesn’t get to the Birches–on the way up there she and the two transporters are stuck in an ice storm. Alex leaves the scene of the wreckage, leaving her beloved purple scarf (that belonged to Cass) behind.

Suddenly, Meg needs to make some decisions. And she needs to talk to her husband and the lone surviving friend Alex has in order to find her daughter. But, will she and the team she hired be able to transport her daughter be able to find her daughter before Alex does something final?

Patricia Perry Donovan does a really great job of building the thriller factor of this book. I was really intrigued by the book and found myself reading it a lot more (and thinking about reading it when I wasn’t reading it). It was an unexpected awesome surprise. And I found myself on the edge of my seat at a few times while reading this novel.

It is available at your favorite retailer today! I recommend borrowing/purchasing via the Kindle First program!

Challenges: Deliver Her satisfies the following challenges:
LEP Reading Challenge: 23. Written by a female author


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