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5 Tips for making Disneyland’s EggStravaganza 2016 Egg-stra Special

Disneyland's EggStravaganza 2016 - AlwaysReiding.com

Disneyland’s EggStravaganza 2016

Disneyland’s EggStravaganza 2016: When I was a kid, there was a special time of year that the Magic of Disneyland really delivered–Easter time. Easter meant a Thumper-themed Easter Egg hunt, where you could win anything from popcorn to a park ticket. Luckily, I won a sweatshirt and a large stuffed animal (due to my parent’s letting my friend and I get whatever the other won). The Disneyland Resort brought back the concept of Easter Egg hunting, with a twist, with the Disneyland Resort’s EggStravaganza 2016! Want to make the most of your trip for egg hunting? Follow these simple steps to maximize your fun and make EggStravaganza Egg-stra special!

Know the Cost: This activity costs $5.95 plus tax to get a keepsake map and stickers, which allow you to get your choice of a free egg (pictured above), one per map. There are 6 eggs in all, so keep in mind that getting each one will cost a little over six dollars with tax. There is no annual passholder discount, and theme park admission is not included.

Disneyland's EggStravaganza 2016 - AlwaysReiding.com

Know the Difficulty: If planning on taking a quick trip with easily found eggs, try out Downtown Disney, as the eggs are clearly very visible. The Disneyland map is next on the level of difficulty, but there are a few tricks in the California Adventure map (including a relocated egg that I wasn’t told about until I got to the Grizzly Challenge Area).

You Don’t Have to Finish: While most people should have no problem with the hunt, there were a few bumps. If it proves to be too hard or you don’t have time, the locations will let you turn in an unfinished map and redeem your egg. Since they use stamps on the back, it will be easily determined if you have redeemed the map for the egg.

Disneyland's EggStravaganza 2016 - AlwaysReiding.com

Be Prepared for a Scenic Walk: I tracked it to an average of 2 miles per park map. You can easily fit this into a trip to the park, but make sure you try it during daylight, as the eggs are not illuminated (apart from ambient light) at night. This hunt is best suited for a single person or group who are not trying to fit the hunt (12 eggs per map) into a full day and riding every ride in the park. Besides, you’re at the Disneyland resort–you’ll have a great time regardless of the hunt!

Go Early: While EggStravaganza 2016 runs from March 2-27, prizes can be redeemed (while supplies last) until April 2, 2016. I am stressing while supplies last because in previous years there have been times where the egg supply was depleted. With the amount of maps I saw this weekend, I would not be surprised if they sell out soon! Try to schedule time as soon as you can! For a list where you can get the maps, visit Disneyland’s EggStravaganza 2016 page.

These are just a few quick hints that will make your Disneyland’s EggStravaganza 2016 trip at the Disneyland Resort some fun. While my husband and I did the Downtown Disney map as a fun, quick date idea (with exercise), I turned the Disneyland and California Adventure maps as an exercise motivation tool! Plenty of pictures were taken, which I will share later. It was nice to not have to worry about rides, so that I could remember the magic and take in the park in a new way. And meet a new friend!

Disneyland's EggStravaganza 2016: AlwaysReiding.com

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  1. Tiffany

    March 13, 2016 at 11:07 pm

    I love this! I just love disney in general haha but I am really interested in going for this egg hunt now!

    1. gothamgal

      March 20, 2016 at 1:17 pm

      Thank you, Tiffany. It was a lot of fun!

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