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Everafter: The Pandora Protocol


Everafter: The Pandora Protocol

I’ve made no qualms about my love for Vertigo’s Fables. While I was sad when it ended, I was so happy when I heard that the series was going to continue. Thanks to the publisher and above the treeline for allowing me to read a digital copy in exchange for my honest review.

The last time we saw Connor Wolf, he was a child. He’s grown up and is invited to be part of the Shadow Players–an elite group of Fables that use their powers to help save the world, alongside Mundies. Connor works with Peter Piper, Bo Peep and Hansel.

Working toward a common goal isn’t easy, especially considering the cloisters that separated their worlds for so long. Luckily, the team is able to work together to defeat undead hordes, after finding some ancient artifacts. They are able to stop mercenaries, but they also run into some problems in Mundy San Francisco.

There also is a small girl, with powers that make even Frau Totenkinder seem tame. The team will have to work with kid gloves in order to help out this girl and minimize her risk to the world (and even the universe) at large.

I was happy to read Dave Justus’ and Lila Sturges’ take on Willingham’s characters. The artists Travis Moore, Andrew Parks and Steve Rolston even made the story that much more in line with Willingham’s vision. They really respected the characters and I could not be happier with the feeling I get once I finished the book–I cannot wait for more.

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