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Goodreads recently published their Fall 2015 books. I have to be honest, I am looking forward to only one or two of the books listed—this is completely new for me, as I normally want to read #allofthebooks. ALL!!!! I can say that PopSugar’s Fall 2015 list is almost entirely on my wishlist/slated for review. I am reading Women’s Fiction. And, despite the overlap, I really like the Huffington Post’s Fall 2015 To-Read list.

Obviously there will be some overlap, especially if the powers that be behind the lists use similar qualifiers for the lists. And famous, established writers and new, promising debuts can be no-brainers when being added to these lists.

What do YOU look for in a fall read? Does it take place in a multicolored leaf paradise, with a big scene where the heroine and hero fall in love with pumpkin spice lattes and said leaves crunching under their feet? Is it the story of a rich woman who escapes the season in a flurry of international travel? Or does the principle male character fall for a teacher who just wants to stick themselves in a library while juggling their students problems?

What does Fall reading mean to you? Share in the comments below.

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