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Freedom’s Child by Jax Miller


Freedom’s Child by Jax Miller

Freedom Oliver works the bar in Oregon. She finally convinced the whippersnappers to leave her alone for the most part. She’s an alcoholic, and keeps to herself (except for a core group of friends, no one really ‘knows’ Freedom). Until the day when she finds out her daughter was killed. Then she tells her cop friend, and disappears into the night.

Mason left his religious family years ago, going to pursue his dream of law school. His fake profile is friends with his sister, Rebekah, and he keeps tabs on her whenever possible. Only when she stops posting, and sees his parents on the news, pleading for her safe return, does Mason realize something more sinister at work.

Freedom and Mason meet up later, but it isn’t the first time–they’re both hiding secrets. For one, on purpose and for another, it is purely by chance. And as both get closer to Rebekah, they get closer to the truth.

I want to thank Broadway Books for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review. I had a ton of fun reading this–I picked it up during a recent road trip and devoured it.

Far too often in modern fiction is there something redeeming about the villains. Miller’s villains are truly wrong and evil, and it is absolutely fantastic to have been given the chance to read this.

Freedom is a character for the new millenium to look up to. Sure, she may have been in jail and she may be an alcoholic, but she is an empowered female and, truly, her own hero.

Look for the book in your favorite format, including paperback, today!

Challenges: Freedom’s Child satisfies the following challenges:

LEP Reading Challenge: 31. Judge a Book by its cover

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