I have a feeling many of you feel exactly as I do, there isn’t enough time to do everything, and your schedule tends to end up at the bottom of the list—the list that NEVER gets to the end. Enter a really amazing book, The Fringe Hours, which launches today. Welcome to the blog of one of the members of the Launch team!

Having it all. Women spend years of their lives in the pursuit of this myth. It’s a big part of books, music and even movies (Anyone remember Diane Keaton’s character in Baby Boom?). And, to be honest, the closer I get to ‘having it all’, the more stressed and unhappy I feel. Does anyone else feel this way? Enter Jessica N Turner’s Fringe Hours. When I was given the opportunity to read an advance copy of this, I jumped at the chance—and then realized that I am not alone. Jessica’s copious amounts of research show that there are a LOT of women in the same boat.  Let’s face it—I joke that I am committed to overcommitting, but at what point do I keep anything for myself.

Jessica, the force behind The Mom Creative, provides a thoughtful and honest approach to life, admitting that ‘doing it all’ is not feasible. But, instead, Jessica gives us a new approach and mindset of processing the hours we currently use to cultivate and grow a more balanced life. And I scored a free copy in return for my honest review. As a reader of Jessica’s blog for many years (I remember when her three kids were really just the one, and have faithfully followed the blog since then!), let me just say that not only will I be buying more copies, this will be something I recommend to every strong woman I know!

The book will speak to so many women; I loved that there were so many workbook type interactive items that allowed me to really think while I was reading and provide options for what I intended to do and how I was going to take the inspirations from the book and incorporate them into my own life. This is GENIUS, in my opinion.

Jessica quotes secular and scripture alike—making it great for any quote fiend like myself (believe me, I have notebooks full of quotes!) squeal inwardly for joy.

In particular, I really loved that Jessica also provided tips and tricks through the concepts in the book she shares, and the things she talks about implementing—readers can take comfort in the fact that someone (and actually so many more people) have been through the very thing they are stressing about—and they can emerge stronger than ever on the other side. I loved the tips and tricks (especially through cleaning and cooking) that Jessica shares in the last part of the book.

And, best of all, Fringe Hours is available TODAY in your favorite format from your favorite retailer… Check it out today.

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