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Gingerbread Cookie Murder (A Hannah Swenson Mystery)


Gingerbread Cookie Murder (A Hannah Swenson Mystery) by Joanne Fluke

Hannah’s skills will be tested even closer to home when she stumbles on a murder scene in her very own condo complex. In fact, the last time anyone really saw the deceased was when he bought some of The Cookie Jar’s gingerbread cookies. While trying to determine who might want her neighbor to die, a better question comes up–who DIDN’T have a motive for killing her neighbor?


Who would read this: Fans of the authors featured in this book (additional to Fluke is LEslie Meier and Laura Levine).

Time to Read: 1 hour
Rating: 4/5 stars

Funny Story: I think I bookcrossed a copy of this book a few years ago.

Final thoughts: A cute, timely story for the holidays.

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