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InfoboxShadowAs a fan of fairy tales AND comics, it was a no brainer to pick up Marvel’s Once Upon a Time: Shadow of the Queen. Detailing part of the backstory between the Evil Queen and the Huntsman, Shadow of the Queen is a compilation of a few issues of the comic, featuring characters from the hit ABC tv show and goes perfectly with the first season or two of the series.

While the Huntsman is no longer on the show, this sets up valuable information about the relationship he has with the Queen. While her henchman, he eventually fights back and gets his heart back, however, in the process, he goes to save another life and ends up indebted to the Queen again (as viewers of the show will attest).

Featured in this, were the Evil Queen, the Huntsman, Red Riding Hood and Snow White. As the current storyline does not feature Red, it was nice to see more about her—she is most definitely one of my favorite characters on the show. And, seeing how she interacts with the pack is even cooler! She and the Huntsman are both working to exercise their characters.

At 112 pages, this also include about 12 pages of exclusive artwork, mostly exteriors and interiors. It is really pretty and it was nice to see what they were envisioning while they were creating the concepts for this story. The scene was definitely set.

While it could be very simple to take Once Upon a Time and turn it into Fables, the writers of Shadow of the Queen really sets itself apart from that series. It retails its character and maintains the people we love to see on the small screen every week.

Once Upon a Time: Shadow of the Queen is available from your favorite retailer in hardcover or eformat.

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