It’s time to check up with our resident comic geek, GothamGal, for her take on her newest graphic novel read. Check out her thoughts on women in comics, the graphic novel writers she loves and much, much more, as GothamGal takes on DC Comics’ Black Canary and Zatana: Bloodspell by Paul Dini and Joe Quinones.


I’m partial to strong female characters in comics—I really love the potential they bring as a role model to young girls.I love the idea of more younger girls being brought into comics—so we can get more amazing young women (and their ideas) IN the comic industry in the future and we don’t get that issue where strong female comics get switched to a subpar creative team and then get axed (case in point: Batwoman). When I can find these strong-helmed female character-driven graphic novels, I scoop them up.

Black Canary and Zatanna meet when Zee is just a child and Canary is climbing up the mountains (and avoiding yetis), forging a friendship that allows Dinah to later introduce the magician to the JLA. And when Dinah’s latest mission goes wrong, she turns to Zatanna to help her with a rogue, magic-using ghost. However, will these two ladies be able to pool their strengths and save the other women in the crossfire, or will Dinah end up killed by the spirit?

I loved reading this, it has a compelling story and really great characterizations of Zatanna and Black Canary.

Paul Dini is one of my favorite writers, and I jumped at the chance to read this when I saw his ‘byline.’ Mad Love is one of my favorites, and it was the first graphic novel I ever purchased (while in college). His style lends well to showing the lightness of even dark situations. Joe Quinones captures it very well.

Fans of either or neither fandom would be interested in reading this—I loved the panels featuring Green Arrow and the different flashbacks to JLA missions/interactions. It made sense, and added a universe continuity.

I picked this up at my local bookstore in hardcover, during a ‘buy 2 get the 3rd free’ event. I love that I picked this up, really enjoying the storyline and I recommend that you pick it up in your favorite format from your favorite retailer.

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