Hello and welcome to my Month of letters. In the month of February, I was not sure if I could do a letter a day with my schedule, so I compromised by committing to writing at least 28 letters—and can I just say that I met that goal, and then some?

With the help of my trusty clipboard, I have written 32 notes—some are long letters, some are shorter letters—and I am still going. It was great to jump over this hurdle, and I think that it makes keeping up a lot easier in the future. I got over my slump.

I put a huge dent in my reply and to be written pile, which is even more amazing. Luckily, our postal service is pretty reasonable (I have heard stories from International friends that you would not believe!).

Do you write letters? Do you read letters? Did you participate in LetterMo?

Author: gothamgal

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