Most of my friends know how much I journal, and how much I adore the Moleskine format of journal. I have a lot of them, from a Mickey Mouse to the Simpsons, from Star Wars to the Hobbit—they’re wonderful to write on and even better to keep around. I have planners and always look forward to next years ‘engagement only’ planner (I have a separate planner for business stuff).

I got an email first thing this morning, and while I am sicker than sick, it was a little like a virtual dose of vitamin c  for me. Batman is getting a moleskine collection! And, while I ordered mine, I wanted to share with you, my readers, about all of the amazing options for this collection.

Featuring Frank Miller’s iconic Batman art, they are releasing on 4/15/2015, and I picked up the one only available through Moleskine’s store, because I really liked the artwork (last photo above). They are ruled, or unruled and come in the large or pocket-size. I, personally, prefer the large, but the pocket definitely has its merits.

Check them out by going to the Moleskine Batman page and pick your country’s store.

Do you use moleskine? What would be your dream moleskine art?

Author: gothamgal

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