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How Did I Get Here?!?

How Did I Get Here?!?

gothamgirl::I Blame The Internet:: 1998 was the first time I was on the Internet unsupervised. It was my first day of college and my dorm room was connected to a superfast T3 line that was so fast, it was crazy. The late 90s were both a hotbed of amazing things and a time where we were trying to figure out what this World Wide Web really meant.

I had always been a reader, and a writer (when I was in first grade I (unwittingly) wrote my first fan fiction–if you want to know more, comment below. Then I started writing things on the Internet. And people started reading and replying. As my education continued, I would find resources and amusements and friends on the Internet and through the Internet.

Once college was over, I found NaNoWriMo via Nervousness (a mail art site). Then, I found Bookcrossing, and through Bookcrossing, I found the Rubber City Book Posse. We began turning North Eastern Ohio into a library, and working at literacy events. Fast forward to 2010, when I moved back home to California and used the Internet as a way to interact with my friends and began working at a bookstore.

::A Natural Progression:: At work, I had to talk about books and technology. I had to know about books and technology. I became quite the prolific reader (at least, customers began to notice, not just coworkers) and I started to talk to publishers. I stumbled across ARCs at work and began to load up my ereader with ARCs for easy portability. Then I met my future husband, changed my name to Nicole Reid and AlwaysReiding was born.

::AlwaysReiding:: has been a place that has grown and morphed as I have grown and morphed and I have been lucky enough to get new relationships and maintain the great older relationships. Now that I am Always a Reid (get it?), I can use this forum to talk about books, comics and Disney–three things that make my Geeky life worth living. And I’m even doing a correspondent thing at Geek Watch One–We ARE the Geeks You’re Looking for–a podcast full of geeky living.

GGWest CoastAnd in relation TO that living, I offer services such as editing (have edited a few novels that have been published), ghostwriting and reviews. I work pretty fast and, with the first two services, at very reasonable rates because I LOVE doing it. If you’re interested in getting some help with editing or even plot points, drop me an email and we can talk.

Either way, I thank you or stopping by–and look forward to interacting with you. This is part two of a week-long challenge (Getting Your Blogging Groove Back Challenge) by the ProBlogger podcast. To listen to this episode, or others, please click this link to ProBlogger. Thank you for reading How Did I Get Here… Share how you got here in the comments below!

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