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  • Read this recently and I love it sooo much! Pick up giant days if you haven’t already. 💕
  • I got my @waterstones exclusive copy of @rainbowrowell ‘s #waywardson. This edition exceeded my expectations and I cannot wait to start reading it.
  • Happy book birthday to Cursed by #frankmiller and @thomaswheelerofficial. I have been really excited for this, and that was even before I realized it was going to be a @netflix series!
  • Got my #preorderincentive for #thegirltheseagaveback by @adrienneyoungbooks. It’s an awesome, wooden bookmark. Thanks @wednesdaybooks for offering this.
  • Can I just take a minute to talk about my first #busybitchesbookswap? I am completely in love with all of this, thanks to @alana_bloom for sending all the perfect, lovely things.
  • I was stoked to get my @tokyopengirl order today. It included a #zigcleancolordot marker in a new to me color, some #zebraclickart pens (bold/dark colors) and the last of the #zebramildlinerbrush pens to round out my collection. Order shipped lightning fast and was even packed with a #hichew. The quality of these are blowing me away—I think I have a new favorite go-to marker for journaling in the clickarts. The other point on the brushtip is #superfine, which I love for my planner and making notes throughout my day. There isn’t any bleed on my paper or #postitnotes.
  • Special thanks to Ashley from @littlebrown. I was lucky enough to win an awesome little prize package, including this awesome book from @lucyrtan, a lovely candle, and some awesome pearl earrings. I’ve been wanting to read ‘What We Were Promised’ for a while. This is the perfect way to do it!
  • Still with the sinus infection, I was able to read this in one sitting with the medicine coursing through my veins. I loved the first book, and this is a respectable sequel. Cannot wait for more! Also, we got our confirmation for Disney+ because you know I’m down for the programming!