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#HPDec : Update on Book 3

It’s #HP December, which means it is time to celebrate all things Potter. This year, I’ve chosen to re-read the Harry Potter books, but I also think that I might watch a few of the films–however you choose to celebrate, be sure to share with others on social media by tagging it at #HPDec. And, feel free to comment below so I can check out what you’re doing! Be sure to leave your website address or post so I can leave you some comments, as well! I cannot believe how fast December is going–can you?


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is the third in the series, and was the first book I read (when my brothers were gifted with the first three for Christmas, I found out I had to read them for a class, so I tried to read them during Christmas break.
I still feel for Lupin and Black. I still really want things to go right. I hate the idea of what happens to Buckbeak initially.
However, I was annoyed with Hermione for the first time–for her tattling. Yes, I understand why she had to do it and even why she felt like she was doing the right thing, but I completely and utterly hated the way she did it.
Harry, not for the first time, feels a little out of place in the wizarding world. And, this book really examines how much of a different life he has had from his classmates and teachers–he has no idea about most wizarding things, and while he can hear the death of his parents, he still doesn’t know the details surrounding it. I am really surprised that it isn’t covered in a textbook that you can pick up somewhere in the wizarding world.
After reading the third, I went back to my own experiences at that age. And, am able to determine that Harry, Hermione and Ron are close in age to me–which is awesome. However, I don’t know if I would have been completely able to just leave what I knew (despite it being terrible) every year.
I still enjoy and love these books. Cannot wait to revisit the next one!
Are you enjoying #HPDec?

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