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Imagination Illustrated: The Jem Henson Journal

Imagination Illustrated: The Jem Henson Journal

Jim Henson is clearly one of the creative/imaginative geniuses of our time. He was taken from our world way too soon. There have been plenty of books which talk of his genius, or his roots, but there have been no books that get to his process, or show exactly what his mind was thinking of and how he translated that to paper–until now. Imagination Illustrated is the perfect book for the creative or Henson fan in your life.
Detailing specific events he jotted down in his many notebooks throughout the course of his life, Imagination Illustrated also shows different ideas and pictures of the things found inside Henson’s head as his ideas went from brain to paper. Sometimes they weren’t amazing, and other times they turned out far better than anyone could have hoped. This is an inspiring tome for those with a journal, or those who have a creative dream.

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