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Incoming :: April 28, 2015


Wow! I just had one of the coolest mail days of my life. Here are the books I got today. The one on the bottom, was provided by the publisher (they emailed me asking for a review, I said send me a copy—and they did!). The top one, well that was a buy all for me. I saw they were out of stock on Amazon, but then I needed to pick it up—and I snagged a copy. It was awesome, very excited to dig in and do some mail art challenges from this book.

Also, you can see some of my geek collection—there’s a Batgirl (with a cool magnetic stand), a Pop Vinyl with Malcom Reynolds (Nathan Fillion’s character on Firefly) and Mara Jade. The ladies were purchased for me as gifts, but as soon as I saw the Mal, I knew I had to snag it on my own.

What about you? What have you gotten recently? Do you like the above (my attempt at styling photo)? Do you like them better than the normal cover photos? Share your comments below!

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