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It Happens in the Hamptons by Holly Peterson

It Happens in the Hamptons

It Happens in the Hamptons: A Novel by Holly Peterson

Katie Doyle is in a relationship in her Pacific Northwest home when George (the man she is seeing) asks her to move to an empty home in the Hamptons to give their relationship a real try. Tired of his travelling back to his eastern base, Katie moves herself and her son to the Hamptons and take up residence in the small summer home.

Katie is immediately immersed into a new world–the class struggle becomes real when she finds herself on the sidelines of a battle between George’s established beach club and a townie-run beach club that all the kids seem to love. Katie is torn between a life of privilege and that of a local, and must make a decision as to which direction her life will go…and it has to happen sooner rather than later.

I got this through my library’s ebook program and I LOVE that I got the opportunity to read it. It was a lot of fun! I loved the characters and the scenes in the Hamptons are some of the most vivid I’ve ever been able to read. Completely immersive, It Happens in the Hamptons is a perfect beach read.

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