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It’s Monday What am I REID-ing?

It’s normally the day that I talk about what I’m reading (with a healthy link for the Book Date), but today needs to be a different day. Why? Because it’s a good idea to check in from time to time, right?

My last name is Reid. And during the course of living, I Reid or I am Reiding (depending on the time of day). And during the course of the day, I can be happy or sad or content. Lately, I’m mostly content, with bursts of ‘this needs to change’ fierceness. I got a new fitbit–this one is lavender and I found it on Amazon– isn’t it a pretty little flex 2? I had a flex back in the day, in fact my husband and I each had one.

We weren’t yet married and we would harass each other through the day with our goals. Now, at 6’3″ his steps are going to be a little different than little 5’5″ me with short legs. However we made it work. When his died, I gave him mine. We thought I could unregister the device and give to him–this was NOT the case. Sadly, we just disposed of them in e-waste. Fast forward to last year–my husband wanted a new one, but he didn’t want the fancy features. We ended up getting him a new Flex, which looks the same as it did three plus years ago. But I was recently looking at my apple health settings and trying to get a better handle of my steps. Especially since I do some races now.

So I went with the Flex 2, which is really nice. It’s smaller in width and height. It’s more stylish and the band complements a smaller wrist (in my opinion) a lot better. I don’t bump into things when my arms move all around the place (they swing, LOL). There are pieces of jewelry (like bangle bracelets) the smaller sensor can slip into to get just a little more fancy. It helps me love working out again–especially with a job that doesn’t allow for a lot of movement, LOL… But that’s for another time. It’s Monday, and here’s what I’m REID-ing.


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