It’s Monday, What are you Reading? 07/14/2014

I’m AlwaysReiding over here, and so when Sheila at BookJourney.net asks, I am always keen to answer!


Here’s what I am reading today:

On my eReader:
sixes.jpg I love Kate White’s Bailey Wiggins books, so this is a welcome addition. I think I picked it up during a daily deal a few months ago. Am trying to be good and not buying so many other deals, so this is definitely needed.

For a group:
download_gift.jpgMy penpal group has an offshoot of a group where we are reading this and also going to really study this and a few other books. I am totally excited about this, I started reading this, but wanted to go through it with others so I stopped.

For Review:
download.jpg I started this, and then stopped. But then I started again, and am SO happy the publisher sent this to me. It’s a great book so far and I got sucked in at about page 30. Really love the time period (early film in America) and the characters (2 male twins) are really three dimensional.

download (1).jpg This looked like such an interesting book, so I definitely jumped at the chance to review it–and I am super happy I did. So far, the book is the perfect compliment to summer reading.

It’s Monday, and even though I am AlwaysReiding, I want to know what you are reading!!! Comment below, please.

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