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It’s Monday, What are you Reading?

In the last week, I read 5 books–I am super happy about this! I am now at 117 books read for the year (my Goodreads challenge goal is 200). So, without further ado, here are the books I am currently reading! I want to pick up the pace, I’ve been able to hit 8 books read in a week, so we’ll see if that works out. I read 2 of the 3 featured books last week–very cool, indeed. I want to possibly surpass this pace, but I don’t know, just based on my workload and home projects that it will be possible… We shall see!


  • Amy and Isabelle is a recent book that I purchased, it was recommended by some algorithm and it sounds pretty awesome. I like what I’ve seen of Olive Kitteridge and really want to give Mildred Pierce another try, so this sounded like a good fit.
  • Prince Lestat is my red-haired step child right now, and I cannot believe there’s another book coming this year, about him and Atlantis–think there will be mermaids? This book has a lot of things not going for it–like the glossary in the front of the book so you can understand what Rice is talking about. I would be more enthusiastic about it had it not also be explained, at length in some cases, WITHIN the novel. The Glossary is not needed.
  •  Murder of a Sleeping Beauty is an audiobook I am listening to, I LOVE this series and it’s really cool that I can listen to a book a week that takes place in Scumble River inside my car and just keep going. I’ve had to reign myself back from also listening during work days, but on stressful days (those ending in -day), it helps. I even listened to this during a long drive on the weekend… BLISS!

I have a weekend where I am most likely going to be tethered to the house coming up–I am oddly excited for this, as it gives me the opportunity to read a little more. It’s Monday, run on over to the The Book Date and let us know what you are reading!

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