BookJourney.jpgIt’s Monday, and Sheila at BookJourney is asking me (and I am asking YOU) what are you reading today?

This weekend was supposed to be the weekend that I went to the LA Festival of Books, but due to my husband’s major sickness, those plans got derailed. He’s been in bed for the better of the last three days.

And, rather than read a lot, I kinda cheated and played video games and watched movies and tv.

Because I was sleeping on the couch and not in my comfy bed, it just happened that way. I am almost halfway through The Talisman by Stephen King (a book that I had not read previously!) and Peter Straub. While I am familiar with the Dark Tower series and much of King’s other work, I don’t know that I have read a ton of books by Straub. I do know, however, that I am enjoying it, but have had to walk away from parts of it here and there because I just was not in the mood to read it.

I set a goal for myself to finish one of three books last week, which I failed at doing. However, I did get a lot of journalling done, so I’m very happy with that. Journalling can keep me sane–and I’m that much closer to figuring out which journal I will be using next… Might go with Moleskine, might go with a few other journals I have lying about the house. Again, I am uncertain as of yet.

I’m also making some writing goals for myself, I will be going to the festival next year–my husband has already promised–and I will be bookcrossing and also doing some major networking there. I cannot wait. And, I am planning on showing up at some of the cons and doing the same thing–after all, I do love comics.

Speaking of which, my brother and I texted almost the entire day on Friday about comics–which was super awesome. It prompted me to go to a comic store as well. WonderCon is this weekend, and I will be covering it for this blog as well–yay!

So, long story short, I didn’t necessarily make my reading goals, but I’m making strides in other places, which works pretty darn well.


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