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It’s Monday, What are You Reading?


It’s Monday, What are You Reading?

Wow! It’s Monday, so it must be time for What Are You Reading? What is that, you may ask?

Each Monday, The Book Date asks what we’re reading…  Please visit the site to link up your current list and hold yourself accountable. Also, you can visit some great blogs who are also doing this meme… It’s pretty awesome.

I LOVE this, partially because I can hold myself just a little more accountable. It means that I can share good books that I have read. And it means that I can tell you about pitfalls I’ve had during my week of reading. Last week, I set a goal of 6 books read and I didn’t hit it, but I’m not freaking out. Now, my Goodreads profile is hideously out of date. I’m missing about 11 books (don’t worry I have a list of what I need to update Goodreads and Amazon with) that I have read–I’m a little closer than I was last week, though. So that’s something positive out of the experience. I’ve read 50 books this year!!! And five of those were in the last week. Yay!

Anyway, about this week’s goals. I want to read 6 books. I’m about 25% complete with my goal for the year (200!)–that means I’m on target, but I’d definitely like to hit 20 books read in April. The Handmaid’s Tale is a book I’m reading for NovelTea Book Club (for more details on NovelTea, a free book group online, check out the NovelTea Book Club’s page online. The Barrowfields was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for my honest review. Finally, I’ve been hearing really good things about If I Was Your Girl, so I knew I needed to read it sooner rather than later. I’m sure I’ll probably make a solid effort to finish the Hannah Swenson mysteries, too!

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  1. Donna

    March 27, 2017 at 2:11 pm

    I might check into the book group. I’ve been debating starting a book club at my library, but maybe an online would work for me. Girl Who Reads

  2. Sarah @ PussReboots

    March 27, 2017 at 6:47 pm

    Just as your GoodReads is out of date, so is my LibraryThing. It’s Monday, What Are You Reading

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