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It’s Monday, What are you Reading?

It’s Monday! What are You Reading?

It’s Monday, which means it is time again to hook up with the dedicated readers of the Book Date Blog and start talking about the kinds of things we’re all currently reading.

I got my Litsy #RetellingsSwap in the mail, and boy am I excited. We were tasked to send out something related to fairy tale retellings and I sent out a sleeping beauty themed package with a hardcover and a paperback and some sleepy-goodies. I got a few books (and a cute bookmark from @mgiror). I have heard of These Broken Stars, but not Princess of Thorns. And I saw the Wanted cover a while back, but hadn’t picked it up.Litsy_RetellingsI’m also reading Brene Brown’s Braving the Wilderness right now. Because I need it. And, apparently I’m not the only one who needs it. I think Dottie is absorbing it through osmosis so she can become Super Dottie!
What did I tell you? See? I have photographic proof Super Dottie is in fact real.

Something we’ve been dealing with lately has been really spotty internet. Our wifi has been acting up like crazy, which meant that I haven’t been online as much. Yesterday, it came to a head as I had to call tech support again and they finally realized it was a port issue on their side. We were able to swap out a modem on a Sunday afternoon so I could haul back to work on Monday morning. I still am working on getting a printer back online and a few other things, but I feel a lot better knowing we have functional internet.
I’m doing a Goodreads Challenge for the next three months. Here are the prompts for October:

1. O is for October: Read a book where the author’s first or last name begins with a vowel. (Read Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian (Kindle Edition))
2. Color Coordination: Read a book where the cover is mostly orange or black. Please include the cover image when completed.
3. Bump in the Night: Read a romantic suspense, paranormal romance, or other book that may include scary elements.
4. Toil & Trouble: Read a book with a witch or wizard character.
5. 31 Days Read a book that is either the 1st or 3rd book in a series.  (Working on the first in the Midnight, Texas series by Charlaine Harris for this).

I’m excited to be a part of this. AND I’m also doing a Litsy readalong for a book I’ve been meaning to read for YEARS–Margaret Atwood’s the Blind Assassin. I got the book on Friday, so I’m a little behind, but I have a feeling I will be caught up soon. I’m also doing a cover hunt challenge at Goodreads. I look forward to reading these books and paring down my TBR pile. Because it is OUT of CONTROL!!!! LOL. This means I’ll be reading 3 books in each category below with covers that have the following:
Accessories (earrings, scarf, ring, etc.)
Food & Drink
Signs of the Seasons (leaves for fall, beach for summer, etc.)
Flowers & Plants
Bodies of Water (ocean, lake, waterfall, etc.)

As you can see, I’ve been on Litsy and Goodreads a lot (because I can access them easily though my phone!). It’s Monday, what are you reading?

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