It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

It's Monday! What Are You Reading

It’s Monday, which means it is time again to hook up with the dedicated readers of the Book Date Blog and start talking about the kinds of things we’re all currently reading.

I am reading a few things, but the weird thing is that I didn’t finish anything last week. I’ve been running around like crazy trying to get other projects completed before the end of the month.  I haven’t written or edited much for Camp NaNoWriMo–but I’ve been a bit crazy with the Write_On festivities. I hit 50 pieces of mail last week!

Additionally, I’ve been reading YA books so I can send them to the Rubber City Book Posse/GWO for an upcoming con for Bookcrossing release. I’ve also been working on something BRAND new and a little scary. See this? It’s my BULLET JOURNAL! I’m working on it. I love my get to work book, but I also like this–mostly I am a content person, but as you can see it’s a work in progress. We shall see if I keep up with it. Do you bullet journal? Reply in the comments below. Thanks!

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