It’s no secret that I like pens. In fact, at any point in time I will usually have at least 3 writing utensils to choose from, just in case. Yes, I was that kid that had extras, just in case someone needed to use them. And, unless you have been given a pass from me to ‘steal’ my pen, chances are I will remember that you borrowed the pen (to be fair, I am in the habit of carrying some pens or pencils I don’t care about for this purpose!).

My newest haul from JetPens was made of necessity. I realized I was low on my favorite refill color for my Hi Tech Coleto pen (3 colors and a pencil lead) as well as my go-to letter writing and project life journalling pen, the Pilot Multiball Rollerball. And, with the $25 minimum for free shipping, well, let’s just say it only took a few minutes to pick out some things I am sure I’ll use. Here’s the rundown of what I bought (there is an entry in between the milk purple and blue black at the bottom of the list, but it is white, so go figure).


And, here’s a video of my haul.

Which are you most interested in? Which do you think will be best to tackle some replies to my penpals this month?

Do you have a favorite pen? Please share in the comments below!

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