Jim Henson’s The Power of the Dark Crystal: Vol 1

Imagined as a sequel to the cult favorite The Dark Crystal, Jim Henson’s the Power of the Dark Crystal volume 1 takes up about 100 years after the thrilling climax of the film. Jyn and Kira are the rulers of Thra, and they are a peaceful people. The crystal is opened to all people in need of healing. But all is not what it seems. When a castle page tells them of trouble outside of their walls, they do not believe it, and when a fireling girl from inside Thra comes to ask them for a shard of the crystal to save her people, Kira and Jyn have their doubts. The Fireling breaks the crystal, and the UrSkeks (the Urs and the Skeks) are brought out of the crystal once again. But, as the Urs are still peaceful and meditative, the Skekis are still power hungry. Will Jyn and Kira be able to save their world once again, or are they doomed to repeat the mistakes of history–is it too late to save Thra?

I really enjoyed this, and am happy that I waited until the first few issues were collected before I read it. I love the art, and Archaia has done a lot with the franchise (and the Henson name in general) to warrant my fan-girl level of love. I cannot wait to hear more–I am also hoping there’s a map or a guide of sorts to Thra, especially before we get that Netflix series!

Author: gothamgal

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